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Purenet Solutions are an Ecommerce specialist based in York. They have a diverse client base and we have developed bespoke solutions based upon a wysiwyg CMS framework that has been developed in house.

The following are a few samples of the systems that I was the lead developer on.

The systems are all built in C# .Net using a SQL Server 2008 database.

West Ham Ecommerce screen shot

West Ham United Ecommerce store The official ecommerce site for West Ham United

The West Ham store is a fantastic example of the integration work that I have done. The system integrates with four other 3rd party systems.

It integrates into the SEE Membership system to check and register new user details for logging into the system. This is done via .Net XML webservices that they have provided.

It also integrates with their Cybertill backoffice system to get new and update existing product data. New user details are also submitted to cybertill and all orders on the website are also passed across. This is accomplished using the php webservices that Cybertill provide

The system also submits despatch information to OCS, the courier for West Ham, using a file and FTP approach to integration.

Finally the system also integrates to the Sports Alliance CRM system by allowing them to download details of newsletter signups via a .Net Webservice within the system.

Rideaway screen shot

RideAway Is an Equestrian ecommerce site for a York based company

The system has a high turnover of orders and is very heavily used. The system is integrated with the back end office system using an FTP process to update product data, submit orders into the back end and to store courier tracking details. The systems are built to sync the product data every 30 mins, with over 20,000 products being processed every time. The process also creates the bargain basement area based upon set rules.

The integration is handled by a windows service using a filewatcher to process incoming files from the back end system and check for changes in files that the website so that order statuses can be updated.

Buy Sheds Direct screen shot

Buys Sheds Direct Part of a group of companies based in Birmingham. The Buy Direct systems were all built on one common code base with multiple themes that are changed depending which url you are entering the system.

The system currently runs Buy Sheds Direct, Buy Fencing Direct and Buy Decking Direct, each system has a separate product and cms database but share the same user and order databases making the administrators jobs more efficient.

As well as the usal CMS functionality the system also includes a complex pick a day deliver functionality that allows the user to choose the day of delivery all depending on the basket items and their delivery postcode

Buy Fencing Direct screen shot

Buy Fencing Direct

The Buy Fencing system has all the same functionality as the other systems but also includes the fencing wizard. This allows a customer to calculate the amount of fencing products they would need to create a run in their garden. Logical rules have been built in that relate products with the correct accessories so that the customer is guided through the whole process to get the correct units.

A simple wizard type admin was created so that the administrator could quickly and easily set up all the correct rules for the wizard.

The Training Gateway screen shot

The Training Gateway are specialists in sourcing corporate, vocational and professional training.

Based at the univeristy of York, the training gateway needed a system where they could provide their members with a stable and easy to use system to find training opportunities.

The system integrates into MailChimp storing newsletter subscription information and also sends an automatic weekly email to inform the members of new opprotunites on the system

The system has been upgraded to have a mobile interface as well which is currently in testing.

CFIE screen shot

CFIE. A PhD project for Univeristy of York

The system has been designed to run invited individuals through a series of surveys that have been created using the bespoke survey engine developed within the system.

I created the survey engine after detailed workshops with the client and this has allowed the user to incorporate the Dolphin Index and Core Values & Beliefs surveys into the system as well as create their own.

The system is currently in preview and should be completed by the end of the year.


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