Countrywide Conveyancing Portfolio

Building robust systems for efficiency

Conveyancing and Estate Agency systems. The following are a few samples of the work I developed whilst working for Titleabsolute and Countrywide Lawyers.

Edif System screen shot

Countrywide EDIF system Whilst working for Countrywide I was responsible for developing the EDIF, electronic document information file, system.

The system allows agents to enter details of conveyancing instructions, which are then allocated by the system to property lawyers to proceed with.

The system has extensive reporting and additional functionality as well as a complex matrix system that determines the allocation of the instructions

Title Absolute screen shot

Title Absolute The Title Absolute system incorporates the standard website homepage for the company as well as tracking systems for the buyers and estate agents who use the services of the company.

The system will allow a house buyer to track the progress of their conveyancing instruction and allow them to message their lawyer. Estate Agents are also able to track instructions that they have added as well as adding new ones to the system, these are then allocated to property lawyers using a back office admin system

The system has also been developed to size according to the screen resolution of the monitor. This has helped the site stay focused even when being viewed on a large monitor.

Briggs Burley screen shot

Briggs Burley Chartered Surveyors Whilst working for a Title Absolute I developed this CMS site for a local chartered surveyor. The site features content management for the properties and customer database

Behind the scenes of the site are customer report facilities that allows Briggs Burley to export the customer data at any given time

Advantage Conveyancing screen shot

Advantage Conveyancing This is an example of a template driven website, the system was created with multiple sites in mind and depending on the URL you enter to access the system the look and feel, and data content, are output according to that system setup.

This allows the customer to have multipe sites with same functionality, although there are minor changes across the sites, with different branding without the expense of creating individual sites.


Some of my recent work

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