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A few samples of the sites I have designed and developed over the years.

Having worked in the industry for a while now I have built quite a few websites for different companies. The following shows some of the work I have done with brief overviews of the functionality they have. A lot of the systems are full Ecommerce systems that I built as a developer at Purenet

Kwik Design Contracts

As part of my new company business plan, I have been taking contracts with 3rd party companies. Details of which I have summaried here

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York Railway Institute website I designed and developed an upgraded website for the York Railway Institute.

The initial version of the website was designed to be simple and only includes a couple of dynamic areas for adding in events and scrolling banners.

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Kwik CMS System I developed this CMS system that can be easily set up and then administered by the end user, thus putting you in full control of your own website, after creating a basic CMS bespoke site for the Golden Rail band.

I have detailed the systems in more detail along with details of a few sample systems in a separate page here

Title Absolute & Countrywide Property Lawyers I worked for these companies for four years creating internal conveyancing systems that were used by over ten thousand users to process conveyancing instructions electronically over the internet.

For more information of the work I did for them please click here

Purenet Solutions I worked for Purenet for just over two years, leading multiple projects for a variety of clients, a few of which turnover £millions every year through their online shops.

For more information of the work I did for them please click here


Some of my recent work

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